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A owner who is also considered as a member of your management corporation shall be entitled to attend a meeting of the council of the management corporation but may not address the meeting except with the permission of the council.

No, you cannot. Under the prescribed by-laws, clause 10, residents shall not hang any washing, towel, bedding, clothing or other article on any part of the parcel in such a way as to be visible from outside the subdivided building, other than at areas designated for the purpose and there only for a reasonable period.

Under the prescribed by-laws, clause 14, any resident cannot keep any animal upon his home or on the common property which may cause annoyance to their neighbors. Kindly contact your management to seek assistance.

The prescribed by-law  restricts any resident from creating any noise within their home or on the common property that would likely  interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of your neighbors.

While the Act restricts you from decorating and using that portion of the common property exclusively, you may consider putting up a resolution for the exclusive under section 33 of the Act for your benefit at the next general meeting.

As an estate age, wear and tear happens and building materials such as waterproofing may cause water ingress into your property. Generally, if the water seepage stain is on your ceiling, the onus is on your above neighbour to prove that the water did not arise from their unit.

Unfortunately, no you cannot if a by-law was passed to restrict the use of common facilities. This is done generally to minimize disturbance to your neighbours and manage resources like utilities. However, if you strongly feel that the facility in question deserve an extension of hours, you may consider putting in a private special resolution at the next general meeting to amend the hours.

The visitor’s car park lot are designated for your authorized visitors. However, in some estates, the Management do allow the use of such car park lot for residents after visiting hours. Do check with your Management if they have such by-laws.

The Act provides that any owner can, by notice in writing, served on the secretary of the council of the management corporation, request inclusion in the agenda of the next general meeting of the management corporation a motion/resolution and the secretary shall comply with the notice. However, do send such notice early before the documents for the general meeting is sent for printing.

Do check with your Management on the reason for rejection. Generally, MCST would have passed by-laws to manage renovation requirements and works affecting the facade that do not comply with the architectural guidelines would be rejected. One of the duty of the Management Council is to ensure facade uniformity.

Do check with your Management on their by-laws for wheel clamping and/or car parking by-laws. Generally, some estate may provide up to 1st or 2nd written warning before proceeding to wheel clamp. It is important that the Management circulate such by-laws to new residents.

A Managing Agent can be appointed in 2 ways:

  1. By an ordinary resolution at a general meeting; or
  2. By the management council if so empowered as a resolution at a general meeting.

If the managing agent was appointed at the general meeting, they can only be terminated by a resolution at the general meeting, otherwise, the council can give termination notice to the managing agent as per the managing agent agreement.


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